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Get Your Website Rewritten and Optimized in 8 weeks (without having to do market research or type a single paragraph yourself!)

Done For You Copywriting

Be honest- are you a little bit (or a lot a bit) embarrased about your website?

You know it’s important to have a website, but what you’ve got now just doesn’t send the right vibe…

Your website can make or break your brand

Let’s put all the puzzle pieces on the table…

It’s a lot… Putting together all that you do, plus your brand voice, plus showing your true value, and nailing that energy you want to share on 1 website is overwhelming!

Take a deep breath… I will put all the pieces together for you.

As your Brand Strategist and Copywriter, I will take all the moving pieces of your business and vision from the messy table into a virtual piece of art you can be proud of AND will win you clients on autopilot!

Your prospects don’t just need to know what you do, but they need to FEEL INSPIRED by what you do.

Your website is your opportunity to make an intimate connection with prospects all day and night.

So how do you want prospects to FEEL when they land on your URL?

Ready to hand off the grunt work?

As a coach, you’ve got a lot on your plate.

Why would you ever waste your time tinkering with your website?!

My team and I will ensure we nail your brand voice so you can connect with your prospects on autopilot.

Plus, we will take care of all the SEO strategy and tech stuff behind the scenes, so you won’t have to worry about investing in more digital marketing tools

Ready to hand off the grunt work

You have less than 3 seconds to win over your website viewers

What’s the first thing people think when they see your website?

Are they drawn in?

Or are they dragging their mouse over to that X in the corner and continuing their search for the perfect coach that actually CONNECTS with them!?


With more coaches online than ever, you need to make authentic connections with your prospects (in 3 seconds or less).

We will take your brand voice and our market research to make sure when people land on your website, they stay! And fall in love with you and your coaching programs…


Your website isn’t just an online business card. It’s a sales machine, when you work it right.

Our team will implement Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so you are found AND create lead capture systems so your visitors don’t just get inspired- they get enrolled in your programs.

Don’t leave your zone of genius!

Keep coaching while we market and communicate for you.

Have Questions? We Have Answers

Who’s this for?


Established coaches ready to establish themselves as a trustworthy expert online and rise above the noise!

We can move your project farther faster if you have worked with several clients and know the results you deliver. If you’re still figuring out your niche, we can help too! The process will just take longer.

What if I don’t LOVE the website?


We simply won’t allow that! We will offer you plenty of opportunities to review and offer feedback along the way. We don’t consider the website ready until you give it 2 massive thumbs up!

What’s the time commitment?


You will sit down with Hanna for a 1:1 session to lay out all the puzzle pieces of your business and lay out the vision for your website and brand. From there, your time is free to focus on coaching, cooking, or napping- whatever you want! We will check in with you weekly with updates, but your time commitment is just a few minute a week to review progress on the website!

Do I need to have a URL already?


Not necessarily. Our team is well versed in all things tech and website set up. In our initial quote and game plan we will help you choose the right URL.

Done for you copywriting Dawn

Dawn DeSantis

Founder: Afflatus Media

Dawn DeSantis is the CEO of Afflatus Media and resident search engine optimizer. An innate talent with software and a drive to root out and solve complex problems lead her to SEO. She fell in love with SEO because search engine optimization is not one thing, it’s a complex web of things that is a balance of art and science, it requires left brain and right brain concentration – which is uniquely satisfying.

Done for you copywriting Hanna

Hanna Hermanson

Founder: Dream Life is Real Life

I’m not just another girl with dreams to work from the beach. I’ve put in 5 years of digital marketing and worked with the best in the coaching industry.

  • Certified Success Coach with Jack Canfield
  • Certified International Business Coach with Coach Training Academy
  • Forbes Coaches Council Member
  • Registered Yoga Teacher
  • Real Person!

Don’t loose another lead!

Make sure your website is connecting and capturing clients for you.

Spots are limited. This is an intimate 1:1 relationship and we cap our clients to ensure you get our full attention.