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Even in our techology-laden world, we NEVER forget that ultimately, we live in a relationship driven world. It’s what makes us human!

In this spirit we don’t just build links, we build relationships. With a multi-talented team, operating in their unique zone of genius, we are able to create beautiful, creative, technical and highly visible content intended to facilitate real brand loyalty and rapid business growth.

People buy from people. People they like innately, those who “get it”. Let us help you be found by those people earnestly looking for exactly who you are and what you do.

They’re out there. Promise. Looking for exactly YOU.

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Our smooth onboarding process removes costly confusion

Brand Development

Proper branding is the cornerstone for all marketing efforts


Content marketing is useless without a specific, strategic purpose


Plotting out a measurable, testable plan for success.


Once the homework is done the fun begins! Launch a new campaign and watch your traffic soar

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You want to be seen by the right people. Conversion optimization dials in your messaging and target audience to help you land more meaningful clicks

Taking the time to fully research your audience, USP, market trends, and competitors allows you to waste less time. Our most precious resource. Launch a strong campaign from the start and pivot according to the data.

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Dawn and her expertise are amazing! So helpful and she really cares about serving and helping her clients. She definitely knows her stuff and she has not only helped me fix some major SEO hurdles but also helped my team with better protocols. She truly is the best and would refer her to everyone I know. Dawn even went above and beyond in areas that I didn’t even know we needed help in. When I need more SEO services and website improvement help, Dawn you will be my first call! If you need anything as it relates to SEO, 404 errors, website speed, and everything in between, Dawn is an amazing teacher and a patient person. She even managed to get a stamp of approval from my family member who managed the site and said, “you really found a good person and someone you should have on your team”, that’s a lot coming from a computer engineer with a securities background. Thank you Dawn for helping grow The Pitch Queen reach.

Michelle Weinstein, CEO The Pitch Queen