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Why It’s Time to Switch to Google Analytics 4

Google Analyics 4

If you’ve been tracking your business’s web traffic with Universal Analytics, now is the time to switch to Google Analytics 4 (GA4). 


Google is phasing out Universal Analytics. It will stop processing new hits on July 1, 2023.

If you rely on the information provided by Universal Analytics for your marketing, then you want to get set up and comfortable with Google Analytics 4 now. The sooner GA4 starts tracking data for you, the easier it will be for you to transition once Universal Analytics stops processing hits.

What Makes Google Analytics 4 Different?

Google Analytics is an evolved form of Universal Analytics. Among its many exciting features, GA4 uses machine learning to predict an audience’s behavior through multiple platforms. 

Here are some more ways Google Analytics 4 helps your business and marketing:

  • A more complete view of customer actions: GA4 uses multiple identity spaces to present users’ data across sessions and devices.
  • Focus beyond acquisition: Get a more comprehensive overview of your customers’ journeys.
  • Keep current with privacy regulations: Stay up to date with rules addressing demands for privacy and protecting personal information. 
  • More insights: AI learning can detect new and emerging trends in your data that will help focus your marketing efforts.
  • Predicting audience behavior: Using machine learning, GA4 can predict outcomes like a customer discontinuing a service or subscription.
  • Deeper integration with Google Ads: Better identify and target specific audiences with paid/organic campaigns for better results and conversions.
  • Less reliance on cookies: GA4 doesn’t just rely on cookies for gathering information. It also doesn’t store IP addresses.

Why You Should Switch to G4 Now

If you have over a year until Universal Analytics gets phased out, why make the switch to GA4 now

Right now, Google Analytics 4 doesn’t migrate your data from Universal Analytics. You won’t have historical data available when you move to the new version. 

So…if you make the switch now, GA4 starts collecting data immediately. You can run GA4 and Universal Analytics side by side to keep using the historical data you already have. Then, when Universal Analytics finally gets phased out, GA4 has over a year’s worth of data it’s using to provide you insights.

Switching now will make the process of changing over less disruptive. You have plenty of time to get the new system set up and to start collecting the data you need. When Universal Analytics is no longer available, you’ll hardly notice.

Switching to GA4

Migrating to GA4 isn’t as simple as connecting by clicking a link or downloading a file. While it isn’t necessarily difficult, it does require you to make decisions about the data you want to collect for your business. 

In an upcoming blog post, we will walk you through the steps to set you up with GA4.
If  the thought of switching over to a new analytics system gives you anxiety, then Afflatus Media can help you switch over. Together we will determine the best way GA4 can help your business and then set it up so it’s optimized for the insights you need.